Indiana Wild Dewberries
The dewberry is a lot like the black berry, except these do not
produce as many fruits, as big a fruit, and they don't grow
upright.  These plants hug the ground when they grow.  This
makes them back breaking to pick, and it takes a great many to
These fruits often times look like a mis formed or mis shapened
blackberry.  Their outside skin does have a different duller look to
them than that of the shiny blackberry.  They will often have just a
couple drupelets forming the berry itself.  It seems like a lot of
work for very little reward, but the berries do have their own flavor,
than can be a bit different year from year.  

I don't have a lot of dew berries on the farm here, so I have two
seasons worth of berries in the freezer and hope to pick enough
this year to top the others off and make jelly.  A nice dessert to
make out of small amounts of dewberries is as follows:

Take your dewberries and add a little water.  Add about half as
much sugar as you do berries.  Heat until the berries start to break
up.  Take a couple spoons of cornstarch mixed in cold water and
add to the hot mix of berries until the mixture is thickened to your
desired thickness.  If the mix isn't hot enough when adding the
cornstarch, it will set up later and be too thick.  Now all you have to
do is dollup some of this mix into each of your little tart
containers.  I like to use mini cupcake tins and line them with a pie
crust mix or something that will be really flaky.  These containers
should be cooked before adding your mix.  Then just a plump berry
on top and you're all set to let the dessert chill before serving.