Indiana Perch Fishing
panfish.  And with perch the size of small walleyes being caught out of
Lake Michigan, it doesn't take long to store some away for a winter
fish fry.

Perch are fond of clear water, and sandy and gravel bottoms.  Weedy
and muddy bottomed lakes may have perch, but they won't be as
large.  The reason for this is a simple one.  More weeds equals more
cover and this means more perch will survive to compete for food.

Perch have horrible night vision, but spawn at night or in the early
morning hours.  Typical spawning temperatures is in the middle forty
degree range.  

Perch generally will school with other perch of similar size.  So if you
are only catching small perch, you might as well move on to try to find
some bigger perch.  The bigger fish also prefer deeper water than the
smaller perch and tend to hug the bottom of the lake.