Indiana Goose Hunting
Goose hunting is all about one thing.  Location, location, location.  
and you need to be well hidden.  Early geese are not the brightest
birds in the flock, we all know this, but we still have to be in the
right place and be well hidden.

Geese will learn.  They know where they are safe.  They know when
things start hitting the fan.  They can also learn that socks and
silhouettes mean danger.  Early in the season give them very little,
don't throw your best stuff at them.  Gradually give them more and
better decoys.  If they are looking at socks and silhouettes as
meaning danger later in the season, then your decoys aren't going
to throw up a red light for them right away.

Everyone is using ground blinds these days.  Try blending in with
your decoys so you don't stand out so much.  You may have to dig
a small pit so you are more even with the ground.  Another thing to
make your spread look more realistic to the geese is to have a few
crow decoys around the periphery.  This will put the geese flying in
more at ease.  

Additionally, you want to have your decoy set up look unique.  
What we mean by this is don't go with the flow.  If everyone on the
block is buying the hottest decoys, or the newest decoys on the
market, and setting them out in the same scheme, it isn't going to
take these geese long to figure out that those decoys and that
scheme means danger and they will fade away from those.  If your
set up doesn't look like everyone else's, then the only geese that
are going to associate danger with your set up are going to be the
ones you don't kill.  Of course, there are other things that can
spook em, but we are just speaking of your set up here.