Indiana Coon Hunting
I can remember going out with my dad in the fall with the lower
temperatures and a light falling rain and thinking this is awesome.  
The woods and fields take on an entire new aura in the still of the

Breeds of dogs will differ among different hunters.  Some may be
partial to a specific breed, others may run more than one breed at a
time.  Whether it is a blue tick, black and tan, redbone, or the
walker, you definitely want a dog.

All four of these dogs can trace their ancestry back to England with
some French background.  The black and tan was the first UKC
registered coon hound.  It was registered in 1900, narrowly edging
out the redbone, which was registered in 1902.  Walkers were
registered in 45 and blue ticks in 46.

My dad once told me a story of a coon dog that was so good, the
owner could just drive down back roads with the windows rolled
down and wait for his dog to bay.  As the story goes, he made a
great deal of money as his dog sired many puppies for other coon