Gardening - Carrots
in the season.  But unlike the other crops they can take almost a
month to pop up if the weather is not cooperating.  Generally in three
weeks though.

These also need to be thinned out to avoid overcrowding and all the
trouble associated with overcrowding.  These are not so well
transplanted when they are thinned.  You will want to make sure the
soil is loose for the carrots since they can have trouble poking through
the top of the soil.  A nice layer of mulch around the carrots after they
have came up will help regulate the temperature of the ground as well
as the moisture level in the ground.  It will also prevent the tops of the
carrots from becoming discolored and off flavored.

If your soil is compacted you can have carrots that have forked roots.  
The roots can also get entangled with other carrot roots if they are
planted too close together.