Indiana Flathead Fishing
The Flathead Catfish The Flathead Catfish (Pylodictis olivaris)their
distinctive look.  

These fish are great on the dinner table, but the common theme is to
practice catch and release on them so they will grow up to become the
monster that they can be.

These catfish are loners.  This makes them a bit harder to locate and
catch than the other catfish.  They also will wage one of the hardest
battles you will ever fight.  If a blue catfish will test your gear, the
flathead will push it to the breaking point, and as a lot of us can
contest to, past the breaking point.

These cats are fish eaters.  You can catch them on crawlers and
crawdads, but your best luck will be with live fish or cut fish.  Small
bullheads and bluegills work well.  Limb lines and trot lines work really
well since these fish feed in the shallows at night.
Indiana Catfish Association