Indiana Catfish Fishing
There are several kinds of catfish swimming in our lakes and rivers.  
it's own page.  The main focus falls on the Flathead, Blue, and Channel
catfish.  To a lesser degree, bullheads are pursued as are the Stone
cat catfish.  The stone cat runs about the size of bullheads, but is a
very tasty member of the catfish family.

The flatheads and the blues get the biggest, but the channel cats are
the ones that are stocked in our lakes and ponds.  Different methods
are used in fishing for these three different kinds of catfish, although,
you can catch any one of the three while fishing for the others.  If they
are present in the same body of water.

Many of hour has been enjoyed along the banks of the Kankakee River
running limb lines through the night trying to avoid falling in, poison
ivy, and mosquitoes.  And when it was all said and done, we all had
plenty of fresh catfish fillets to dine on.  Not to mention a few close
calls with snapping turtles.
Indiana Catfish Association